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It is. You are right, my goal was/is "get a new job and get the hell out of the job im in now". Ive never thought to actually narrow down to job qualifications and focus on those, and rather ive been "learn swift and by the time you get through with it you should meet those qualifications" but theres no real end in sight with that.

Given your experience in the field, should I stick with Swift since ive already been doing it for a few months, or should I change to a more in demand language? I picked Swift because I have a Mac, Swift came up multiple times as a good beginner language, and I thought my son would think it was cool I could make things that actually work on his iPad.

Ultimately my end goal is to get educated enough to get out of my current dead end career and into software development. Should I focus on a different language or can Swift still be a good place to start?

th3suffering1 karma

Ive been learning to code self taught for the last few months now, brand new to programming aside from dabbling in some HTML and javascript almost 20 years ago in high school. Decided to start with Swift, and have been following some courses on udemy, as well as a few web resources. My problem is, ill get burnt out and its hard to get myself back into it. When I am following a course, and making things actually work its really exciting. I want to hold onto that feeling, but i start feeling overwhelmed and lost and then i forget even basic things. And then i take a day off. A day later its a week. Couple that with work and family...its tough. Im committed to making this work though. What can I do to fight burn out?