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Honestly, as a dude with a fairly large dick when aroused, I look pretty similar to you when flaccid. I wouldn't think twice if I saw that in the locker room.

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From the opening theme and title text, I could see full house, and yet it played like Married With Children

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Also for those truly averse to hops, or allergic, check out gruits. This is an old style of beer that uses herbs and botanicals for flavoring and does not include hops(verify that it is 100% hop free if you have an allergy!)

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A more mainstream brew would be the Hemperor, which was brewed with industrial hemp(still illegal in a few states) and definitely has a skunky weed-like taste and smell. I live in Washington where recreational marijuana is legal, and there aren't any cannabis beers on the market yet. A few cannabis sodas and other drinks are sold in the weed stores, but the laws presiding over the beer industry exclude any legal infused beers.

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Yep. I've spent time with people who are very attractive while they were naked, but in a nonsexual situation, and it very rapidly becomes a non issue.