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The lab at Augusta, GA that is working on a similar test was on r/AMA a couple days ago and they stated that getting the reagents is next to impossible because they come from China and that there is a huge worldwide demand for them. I don't know what a reagent is or how they are made but I find it surprising we can't make it.

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I am disabled (progressive MS) but I essentially live alone with 5 cats. I have been sheltering in my home for weeks already. My best friend came to shelter with me. If a major fail in the infrastructure happened and the utilities go out we would probably head down to Mexico. He is a dual citizen and has a number of properties down there. A couple are not dependent on utilities just because they are located on a mountain surrounded by groves of naturally growing fruit trees. He is pretty stocked up already just because going to the store is such a journey. He's a former federal police officer down there and because of his job is covered in tattoos and looks like a narco. He always has knives on him and insists its all he needs. I'm sure he has guns in Mexico.

I would take my dad's necklace with a gold and diamond emblem of his company that he wore everyday and the family Torah which is about 900 years old and my cats. Do you think I'm prepared enough?

The only other question I have is do you know my cousin Ruby Wax? I thought she was teaching psychology at Oxford, but when we last spoke she was getting ready for a show.