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tfwnoshekfu135 karma

Do you have plans to expand the FCS's options beyond the scope of what you need for implementation in either Kenshi 2 or even 1? You've made some additions and think you asked what more could be added on steam but it still lacks little things that modders have wanted for a long time - TAKING items away during dialogue, arbitrary world states to trigger through dialogue alone, spawning NPCs on the spot, and so on. It would help a lot to even expand existing functions to other items - like full skill bonuses for all types of equipment, some conditional checks, even those animation overrides could be added to equipment or triggered through dialogue or attached to an AI package.

And thank you for the amazing game.

tfwnoshekfu99 karma

I think a lot of the complexity can be removed if you abstract it from a topdown approach, you don't have to simulate every little thing but have a simplified system that trickles down the details to the loaded area and be affected by it in broad strokes, almost like how world states function.