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Damn. I say Williams and Bone 2016!

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Terry Crews ain't gonna let that happen.

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Hi Kal! I'll find out when I read your memior, but: you left what most thespians would call a really sweet gig: hit Prime-time drama House, to answer the call of your nation. Any regrets about dumping Hollywood for Washington now that you have the benefit of hindsight? Was it all you hoped for or maybe you think on the roles you missed out on? You remain active in Democrat circles, any future ambition for more political roles?

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Yeah I second that, /u/Out4sumfun, do an instructional on how vehicle hand controls work, that would be interesting.

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Hey! Im a big fan of aesthetically complete games, so WPD really appealed to me. I think Im about 40 hrs in and so far the gameplay is exactly what I was looking for. What has me excited is that unlike other games which may only have ~6-8 hrs, I hear the single player is good for 100+ hrs... and has unlimited replay value.

Having said that, is there any immediate plan for Watching Paint Dry 2? or perhaps a paint hue micro-transaction system?