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Some benefits: The residents tended to connect with myself/ the trainer better, initiating interactions, a lot of them retained focus for longer, as well as becoming grounded through touch. What I found to be most interesting is that residents would start reliving their past, calling the dogs different names, and talking about needing to go feed the animals.

The robotic dogs, even stuffed animals, are beneficial in the sense that there is little to no upkeep, however it's a very solitary interaction, so no conversation is made. Also robotic animals are much less expensive than paying a therapy/ service animal and trainer to come in.

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They're excited, but often they forget that I'm coming. I go every Saturday with the pups.

However I'm there multiple times a week. Generally 3-4. My grandma is living there.

Thanks for the kind words!

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No insurance was needed. However the dog trainer did bring in her copies of insurance proving that her dog is therapy certified.

I drafted and distributed 3 waivers-

  1. The facility to sign, acknowledging the risk and allowing me to bring in un-certified animals. As well as taking photos.
  2. Whoever had power of attorney for residents. They read and signed, this was mostly so I could release and distribute photos, as well as talking about the stories.
  3. Owners of the dog participants, allowing for transport, photos, and food.

(The plan is for me to go on to law school, so this was a good learning experience!)

All vaccination paperwork was also required, understandably so.

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Yes, and I sometimes bring my cat in. When I am home (I'm currently at work) I will post a link of my cat there! His name is buddy, he is very stupid.

I attempted to allow cats to participate, but the trainer is not certified and has not experience with cats.

Also, cats are kind of assholes, and difficult to train.

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Thank you!

And I'm not afraid of taking breaks, but thank you for your concern. I fear missing moments and time with my grandma.