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Hi Neil, My wife and I are huge fans from all the way back to Split Enz. We saw you and Tim (Finn Bros.) in Detroit at The Majestic a few years back and I walked in on you washing your hands in the bathroom before the show. I immediately stuck out my hand for a shake and you said, in a very nice way, "Sorry mate," and held out your wet hands. Of course, I just went straight in for a bear hug, said I loved your work, and you were on your way. My question is, does that sort of thing bother you? If so, I'm terribly sorry...

ternest7 karma

No, Neil, you didn't hold your hand out for me to shake it. You put them up as if to say I'm sorry but I'm a bit busy and wet here. I was the one being impolite. But thanks again for your music... And the hug!