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Thank you for doing this, I'd welcome any advice.

I have two cats, mother (Sushi) and daughter (Noodle), about 3yrs and 2yrs old respectively. They are rescued cats.

Sushi is quite chilled but Noodle is very very highly strung, is on a special vet-prescribed diet because she would be sick all the time, and is on steroids otherwise she scratches her face and neck raw. Noodle is scared of people who aren't me, whereas Sushi falls in love with any stranger who walks through the door.

Sushi is dominant over Noodle. They don't outright fight, but Sushi doesn't want Noodle there even though Noodle looks to her for reassurance (e.g. will only go into the garden if Sushi or I go first). Noodle does not like to be picked up, she panics, but she loves affection on her terms. She likes to be stroked so long as she is standing in an open space and she'll snuggle her face into my hand. She used to love to play with toys with me but hasn't for the last year because every time we do, Sushi comes over and takes over.

I make a point of giving them both my time even though Sushi gets jealous, and Noodle backs off if Sushi is there. They have their own "space" in my house since they lived here, but recently Sushi has made a point of going and lying in Noodle's space. I could give lots more examples but that's probably enough!

Any tips of how I can encourage Noodle to chill out, and/or Sushi to back off?

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I try to think of it in terms of risk - there is no risk-free option when it comes to covid-19 unless you opt out of society entirely, which is more or less impossible (and also comes with a load of risks!). So long as the risks from the virus are greater than the risks from the vaccine, which they currently are, as you've said, then a vaccine is going to be the best option. I am in higher risk groups for covid and long covid, but even if I wasn't, other people are, so I'll definitely be taking whichever of the vaccines is offered to me.

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OK thanks. I've discussed anti-anxiety meds with my vet, but she's reluctant to prescribe them. I'll try again.

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Great perspective.