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The best job I think I did in voice matching was to take over for my GOOD friend Chis Kavanaugh as Dexter in Dexter's Lab. It was also the worst job ever. I had my own comedy and my own timing - and they wanted a robot to mimic Chrissie's timing - which was impossible. So it was tough... Do I sound whiny?!

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Swear to you, I love what I do. I haven't had a bad gig. Just weird situations, you know. Want to hear something fun? I was at the very end of my pregnancy when I worked on Cool World and the creator Ralph Bakshi got me a rolling dolly so I could lie down and roll around on the set and throw voices to Brad Pitt and Gabriel Byrne. Not a bad ay's work! 😂

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Voice acting is first and foremost acting. Take a low cost acting class and learn the language of the art. And then begin to read aloud to yourself and kids. Watch cartoons and listen to who you like. Do not spend big money.

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Co-cocococo-co? Oh, Cocococococo!!!!

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Good evening Reddit!