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So, after reading through all these comments, I really hope this isn't weird but I thought "this girl is adorable and I want to do something nice for her!"

So I made this for you.

I have to ask a question too, I think. So I'd ask whats your favorite genre of movie, and fav movie in that genre?

Youre awesome and anyone who tries to make you feel like less of a person for your condition is wrong!

(I realize this may not be apparent on the internet so let me clarify that I am a straight female, not in any way trying to come off as a creeper on the internet. I legitimately just love your look and felt like drawing.) Live your best life, and fuck societal norms! ♡

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Thats incredible and Im fascinated by the reasoning. Totoro and spirited away are some of my favs. Also the cat returns!

I dont really have an art page or anything, I just doodle for fun. :) Im so happy to hear you like it though! Its yours to use how you wish! ♡ feel free to pm me if you want. I definitely dont mind making new friends!

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You also have a really cool excuse for whenever you fuck anything up by accident.

Late for work: "Sorry, must have misplaced my brain or something..."

(When doing something crazy) and someone asks "Have you lost your mind?!"

"Well, a part of it, yeah."

My Uncle recently lost half his hand in a work accident and had a special mould of his hand made that he wears like a glove. Hand painted to match his skin and everything, it looks real. Whenever someone asks "Hey Rick, can you give me a hand?" He takes it off and hands it to them.

After a traumatic accident or life changing surgery, it's really important to try and stay positive. Your attitude (based off all your comments I'm reading) is the best thing about your recovery. You keep kicking ass. You're doing amazing.

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I take Cipralex and for the first few months the only side effect I noticed was I felt void of emotion entirely. Very numb. It wore off and then I noticed a huge drop in libido, so my doctor had me try combining it with Effexor to see if it helped. Dont know why, but my libido came back full force and I didnt need to continue the Effexor. I had zero side effects from effexor.

Anyone considering medication, understand it all effects us differently, and sometimes you need to ty multiple medications before you find one that works for you. Your doctor only knows so much about you specifically and can curb side effects. Ruling things out is the only way to determine whats best sometimes, so if youre worried about side effects, speak to them!

OP Im so sorry the side effects were so terrible for you. I hope youre doing better now, and on proper medication for your needs. ♡