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No there's a follow-up near the end where he meets the female soldier and how all women have basically become breeding factories due to how many Russians were lost to the zombie virus. There were 3 chapters about Russia if I recall: one about the soldiers and the decimations, one about the Orthodox Church and the priests shooting the infected soldiers, and the wrap-up with the female soldier giving birth to her 7th or 8th child.

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If you're ever in the Netherlands, let me know. There's a place in a town called Delft that makes AMAZING pie.

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Interested in the article please.

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No you have to be a bodyguard.

Just kidding. It's Kobus Kuch in Delft. Amazing pie.

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Psychos have incredible charm. It's amazing what they can do. Always be wary of an overly charming person, and someone who's trying too hard to be charming.