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I think it's disgusting how self- indulgent the media have been during the Ferguson debacle. I'm sick of seeing journalists talk and talk and talk about their experiences and opinions on the matter, rather than objectively reporting the news. The 24 hour news cycle obviously fuels this. What is your opinion on the role of journalists in situations such as this?

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American Dad is my absolute favorite show you've done. Roger might be the best character on TV. Is there anything you've wanted to do with him you haven't had the chance to/ were not allowed to do yet?

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Thanks for the response, it's encouraging to hear that you are aware of this issue. I followed your live- cast back in August. Very informative stuff.

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Hi Tom, I've been listening to you for quite a few years now. I'm from Madison, WI and I think you are one of the most sincere and thoughtful hosts on NPR. How do you think you developed your interview style? Did it come naturally, or was it more of an evolution? Thank you for your time, I hope you are well.

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Thanks Tom. Glad you like our city! Hope you have a wonderful day.