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IAmA Laser, AMA!

I was an AmBASSador at Red Rocks last summer and let me tell you it was a BLAST. Who came up with the idea for the AmBassador program? I think it's brilliant to have people going around making sure everyone is safe, hydrated, and having the best time they possibly can be.

Speaking of AmBASSadors, how'd you and Hasan start working together? He's an awesome dude and works so hard pretty much 24/7.

So I had the pleasure of meeting you last summer, got a hug, and began asking a question as we were hearded out of the room... I asked "Hey, Nishant (numbernin6) told me about a collab than you and he did, but you never released it and he told me to pester you about it!" You started saying "Oh, nishant! Shit... are you from... uhh--". I'm guessing you were gonna say Richmond, but I was literally forced out of the room before we could finish the conversation. 2 questions:

-Do you remember that short interaction?

-Is the Numbernin6/Bassnectar collab ever going to see the light of day? If not you should just, you know.. email it to me or something. :)

Thanks so much for doing an AMA you are GREAT.

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Hahahahaha that story about Hasan is hilarious, I can totally picture that. Good on Nishant for working so hard, but shame on his because his music is incredible! I miss him being a lot more active. And yeah.. I figured we'd never see the song but I had to try! Thanks again for the AMA and reply :)

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Well wormwood can... But the amount of drinking it would take would kill you way before you even felt any effects.