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It is generally understood that employee turnover rate is a direct reflection of supervision and/or management. How does one improve this dynamic from the bottom up; or from a position that is not management or supervision?

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I understand the counterintuitive nature of my question. However in the industry I work in the culture has evolved into one of individual motives based on self preservation and advancement, at the expense of a co worker at times. It comes down to human behavior. What Person doesn’t like to be flattered? The flatterer’s shortcomings are usually smoke-screened. When this behavior is addressed by a observing coworker and then brought up. The observer is usually reprimanded and the flatterer receives accolades. There no initiatives or groups to join. Ideas given to supervision that may improve retention fall on deaf ears and nothing ever changes. Examples of ideas suggested include specialized training and continuing education classes. Nothing happens, New employees leave and the vicious cycle continues.