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Hi there!

I’m really interested in the project Hyperloop. I prepared some questions for the test in Nevada (May 11th) made by Hyperloop One and some general Hyperloop questions.

1.) How fast was the sled going at maximum speed?

2.) What is the speed-goal of the sled on the test track (the test track used for the recent test)?

3.) What is the speed-goal of the full-system hyperloop?

4.) Is the tube fully evacuated (vacuum) or only partially evacuated (partial vacuum)?

5.) How is the train being levitated? With magnets or with air?

technologyguy883 karma

Hi Casey Thank you for your answers! I have some other questions to your answers:

1.) At number 2 you said «150m/s (300mph)». But 150m/s would be 335mph. So what is it? 150m/s OR 300mph? And when will be that test?

2.) So is my understanding right: There are three differences between the recent test (with the sled; on May 11th) and the full-system hyperloop: - The propulsion system of the sled was not on full power - The sled was not in a vacuum - The sled was not levitating

These three circumstances show that it will be possible to get the Hyperloop going 760mph. Right?

3.) So is it physically possible for the Hyperloop to go 760mph? And will there be 760mph fast Hyperloops?

Thanks once again for your support!

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Hi Casey

Thanks once again! No problem, I love doing fact checks. Australians use the metric system, so it is understandable that you have some struggles with the imperial units. I just have some other understanding questions. I really hope it doesn't bother you that I ask that many questions.

1.) So shortly formulated: At the first test (May 11th) the sled was going 110mph (177km/h) on the test track. The speed-goal for the sled on the test track is 150m/s (335mph; 540km/h). The speed-goal for the full-system hyperloop is 760mph (1223 km/h). Is that correct?

2.) So if the sled is going 335mph some people may say «This is not 760mph as promised». Your answer would then be «Yes, but the sled was not levitated (and therefore had friction resistance) and the sled was not in a vacuum (and therefore had air resistance). This is why it is possible to get the Hyperloop going 760mph.» Is that correct?

3.) So the first propulsion test (only with the sled; 110mph) was on May 11th. When will be the one, where the sled achieves 335mph? Hope there will be a video too for that.

Thank you!!