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TL:DR... you still need it? How can I be tested for a match? If you can use it, take it.

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Hey man. Were you sexually abused when young? I was by multiple people. I'm ok with it by now. I'm 42 male. But intimacy is tough. I can perform sexually, not an issue for me. But I don't like being touched much. Like hugs and cuddling and such. I get uncomfortable. I've read this is common for people who have been abused. Needs to be discussed. Thanks for your post.

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Thanks for replying Jason. Wasn't easy to write. Esp since people know my reddit account, and I have my picture on my account as well.

That being said... I agree with the whole mindset thing as far as men, and growing boys go. I feel it's important for males to realize we are vulnerable just as well as females. Maybe more so because of the stigma. But there's nothing wrong with that. We are human too.

I really appreciate your post. You're a hero. And still human. Thanks man. I wish you the best!

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Ok. Thanks :)

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I have a very understanding bf. But it is tough, and I know how it makes him feel. He stands by me. I got lucky.

Edit Flinch is the perfect word. That is what I do, without even meaning to.