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Have you ever researched a person and then found that there was an especially dark side to them, and then had to deal with the quandary of how much of this newfound information to reveal?

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How is the banter with Pat and Vanna and the contestants? Are they genuinely interested in the chit chat, or are they going through the motions after thousands of episodes?

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I’ve seen people spin over and over again when it is obvious what the answer to the puzzle is. Is that a recommended strategy or would you advise solving the puzzle as soon as you know it?

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Loved the Cosmos book. Liked the movie, but as all movies do, so much was left out.

Always thought Sagan was an atheist but he seemed to have left open the door (in the book) with the whole Pi thing - at least that was how I interpreted it...

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Husband of a friend is a CO at a women’s correctional facility. She says it’s about once a week some CO is being escorted out the door and fired for some sort of violation on the job such as “fraternization” etc. Does it happen often in your workplace?