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Woah, just take it easy man...

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109,000 is very solidly middle class in NYC, as long as you aren't living in Manhattan. Rent will run you 2,200 a month for a 2 bedroom in a decent neighborhood 30-40 min out of Manhattan, and really other costs aren't super exorbitant either. People fixate on the fact that Manhattan is super expensive but there's 8 million people in NYC and very few make 100,000+.

Edit: even living in Manhattan, there are places to live where 100,000 a year for one person or a couple is totally doable. Not everyone has to live in a highrise in midtown. Plus, it's easy to forget that the wealth disparity is enormous, so yes, there are areas where people at minimum make 500,000+ and five blocks away people average 80-90,000. Manhattan is weird.

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I have almost finished the psych major at my college in the span of one academic year, and this is in top of my biochem major and classes for my honors program. Shit is so, so easy, and there are so many beautiful women around, it really is a win win

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Something I really struggle with when tutoring is when the kids get into arguments with their parents while I'm there.

I tutor kids currently that struggle to focus during our session, so I have to spend time just relaxing instead of spending the full time tutoring. The parents get really frustrated and yell at their children (they do understand it isn't on me), and I have no idea what to do. I never want to step into an argument but I always feel like they could be avoided with some clarification. Any recommendations?

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Also l, I'm assuming you offer tutoring for the Hunter exam. As a former graduate that has also tutored for and proctored the exam, as well as worked closely with one of the teachers in charge of its design while I was in the high school, I've found that it routinely tests knowledge 1 or 2 grade levels above what 5th or 6th graders should be doing. How do you adjust to this while also still doing test prep?