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If time and money wasn't an issue, what are the three places you'd most like to travel?

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In your honest professional oppinion, should marijuana be legalized? Should it be on par with alcohol?

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Can you provide some information on how First Responder's communication technology has changed since the advent of the internet? Are basics like radios with dispatchers still used or is it mostly digital at this point?

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Take one customer's anecdotal experience, Superhot VR is one of the best games on the Valve Index. Its simplicity and game design make it so approachable to new players but ads depth that keeps me playing it. Its usually the first game I show to new players and say "Be Neo from the matrix"

Too be honest, I can imagine playing the original SH ever again. VR has ruined me.

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Maybe the wrong place to bring this up, but does anyone else think its kind of ridiculous that a company is asking for more donations after they've already been established for a few years?

I bought two minis and was happy with the results, but this seems insane to me. Like they could reinvest their profit into the company to expand, but instead their asking for a handout.