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What area do you work? I used to be an openreach engineer also, I've since moved to BT living the dream.

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I moved because I was being messed around by management in Openreach. For over 5 years I'd been getting the end of day travel on my time sheets, until they decided to enforce the hour travel on my original contract after all those years. The union was useless as well, have you tried to get a job back on the BT side or do you like engineering ?

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Most of the engineers if not all, get their work automatically through an app on an iphone, though there is a control you can ring if you want to pick up more work or pin assists to certain people, amongst other things. From experience it all depends who you speak to, some are about as useful as a fish with tits, others are brilliant.

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I also work a 4 day week with OT and global travel doing engineering work, much better than when I was in openreach. Much more laid back atmosphere as well no stat chasing nonsense

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Pcps have an E side (to the exchange) and a D side (to the customer). These are usually numbered and you will be given a routing for the line you are working on. Usually find the D side isn't always correct and same with the E side. You can dial up a tone to be sent down your specific set of wires and there is a tool that let's you hear the noise. Also there are several different versions of PCP (green cabinet)