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What sort of content are you hoping to provide? I only ask because there are obviously cultural differences, and I don't mean this in a negative way, between Finnish readers and English readers. When moving into a new language, its also going to be a new culture of people who view your content differently. There are many people all over the world, from many different parts of the world who speak English as a second language. Have you, as an organization, planned for that at all? I would imagine you would like people in the UK, US, Australia, and second language speakers to all read your content. How much discussion has there been to try to reach a universal fan base?

I only ask for curious reasons about how you have planned to launch this new project. I'm fascinated.

Edit: Also, thank you for taking time to answer all of these questions, including mine.

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Are your writers proficient in English? Do you need editors?

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Oh wow, that Laura Bush quote, "You can count on him (George W Bush) in a crisis" is tragically ironic in hindsight. Don't worry, New Orleans, you can count on him!