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And then AFTER you've been proven innocent, the lingering stench of an arrest can follow you for a while, not just in an official capacity, but the rumor mill as well for anyone to speculate.

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Why do you guys disable the turn signals for these cars after someone buys it? It seems unsafe.

Also, would you recommend gasoline vs diesel?

Have you seen a ONE in person before?

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Except for, you know, a number of times people where supposed to disclose this information and didn't the first two or three times, or said they knew nothing about it under oath and now it's seems they may have known, or campaign laws preventing foreign nationals from providing anything of value to a campaign, or provide directly or indirectly to a campaign, communications, electioneering, purchase construction or maintenance of an office building for political offices, or an inaugural committee (11 CFR 110.20) or the solicitation of any of the above...

Yeah collusion has no legal meaning, but it is used as a shorthand way of referring to the above activities, because headlines would be too long.

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Somehow this seems like a better turn out to me than most US presidential elections...