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I heard that you're courting investors for a potential Santana Row location. Is that location still likely to happen, and if so, any estimate when it would open?

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Ever thought about filling that niche yourself?

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No, that's not a thing. Most of these long-shot candidates have only raised around a million or less, which isn't much when it comes to presidential campaigns.

Even when the party establishment clearly favors a candidate, they rarely actually get the nomination; Hillary Clinton was an anomaly in that sense. Obama, Kerry, Bill Clinton, and Dukakis all scrapped their way to the nomination. Biden is the closest thing to an establishment favorite, but after the backlash from the 2016 primaries (and because of the sheer number of candidates this time) I think that's much less of an advantage than it would've been in the past.

The real reasons to mount presidential campaign when you have no chance of coming near the nomination:

  1. To sell books. Seriously. Everyone writes (well, a ghostwriter writes for them) at least one book before they run for president. This can be very lucrative; the Obamas weren't especially well-off before his presidency, but after he was elected they became millionaires from book sales alone.
  2. They're not really running for president; they're running for vice president, or for a cabinet position.
  3. They want to run for a lower office (usually Senate or a governorship) and a presidential campaign helps them build their profile and a war chest.

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Either you haven't tried a good recipe, or you were raised on the canned stuff and the nostalgia overcomes all else.

I never liked canned cranberry sauce, so if it's the latter, can't help you. But if it's the former, I really like Babish's recipe. https://www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/2017/6/27/moistmaker

There's no need to actually use fresh cranberries like he does; frozen ones are fine if you let them thaw first.

Also, if you don't feel like putting in all that work, I love the refrigerated cranberry sauce that Trader Joe's sells in plastic tubs.