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Glad to see you here again! I first came across you with one of these AMA's a few years ago and have been a Twitter follower ever since. Noticed you moved recently to a southern state which I call home as well. How has the move been for you so far, any observations you've made or anything unexpected you've come across?

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Good to hear. Many stereotypes about Alabama are correct, and many aren't. Personally, I feel like I belong in the pacific northwest, but here we are haha. Merry Christmas!

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Greetings from Florence! I'm a Colbert Heights grad from 2008, and my parents still live in Tuscumbia. My dad is Democratic because of his Teamster status, so I will definitely mention you to him.

Here's my question: Out of your priorities you listed, which do you find will be the most challenging to accomplish in your area, and which might be the easiest to accomplish? It seems that progress is stagnant in our area, but I definitely see our generation taking up the mantle little by little.

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What are some of your favorite shows that the writers/actors for The Office went on to do after the series ended? And outside of The Office, who are some of your favorite people you've worked with?

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Totally agree. While it may be incredibly difficult especially in this area, it is absolutely worth fighting for. It seems to me that Republicans believe they have the moral high ground, and are impervious to anyone else fighting them, but 9 times out of 10 aren't truly in touch with their constituents, most of whom are lower middle class to poverty level and below.

Anyways, good luck!