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What percentage of Chinese citizens are on VPN?

How do patriotism scores affect you? Are others worried about them?

What are the general Chinese attitudes towards Donald Trump?

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What are your favorite memories of Randolph and of growing up in Huntsville?

What is your favorite wikipedia entry? I love the ones for Sizzler, urinal cakes, and "list of fallacies".

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Also: historically, who were your best/smartest bookings, outside of Travis Scott and the only show Guns 'n' Roses ever started early?

And, usually, there are 22 acts per day. On Sunday, there are 26 acts listed. What's going down?

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Hey Colin --

Not my business to respond to this, but in my life I'm a photographer and like most people who ended up doing this I started out shooting bands from the crowd and looking for different positions and different ways of framing things.

In a way, the photo pit robs you of adding your own voice, because you're shooting the same thing as the person standing next to you, and you get tossed after three songs, and then you go into another pit and shoot the same thing as the people standing next to you. For this reason, I've stopped shooting festivals entirely where all I have is standard pit access. There are already fifty other people who are going to do what I'm doing there.

Shoot from the crowd. Better yet -- shoot the crowd! Those are the stories. I'll tell you a secret -- if you go look on any festival website at the photos that are really, really important to them -- the ones that they use to sell tickets -- they aren't of the bands, they're of the people. Go do amazing work with a small camera taking photos of the people, and tell their story. An amazing photographer named Max Vadukul did my favorite Bonnaroo photo gallery of all time, and not one band is pictured: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/the-new-hippie-nation-207555/

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What have you learned from Live Nation and what has Live Nation learned from you?

Who's the act on the list that no one's ever heard of but that everyone should see?