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I'm just impressed he could stand within 20 feet of him without wretching. Hygiene is not his strong suit. That dude STINKS

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you are setting a bad example for the other pupils

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Would it then instead go tit-tock?

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What you need to remember is that the foundation of the constitution is that it is a recognition of natural unalienable rights, not a permission slip of powers granted to you by the government, and not a limited scope of your rights. Constitutional interpretation to see how it extends to other areas of concern does not mean anything is enshrined in anything, and every supreme court decision does not always extend back to verbiage in the constitution. The "spirit" of the constitution extends past the actual document. In this instance, it's not about whether or not the government gives you the right but if they have the power over your body to make the medical decision.

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I'm going to risk this post to say thank you for making this AMA. While I hate telemarketing calls and have the same feeling as others on telemarketers who post here I take an objective view for education purposes. You know we all hate your industry, but so goes the controversial job and position of any good AMA. The boring ones are usually on something/someone everyone loves. Don't feed the trolls and try to remain objective in your replies. Why bother? Why not just be professional (which is regardless of what you do for a living) and just wipe all illegitimate replies?

I upvoted all your legtimate ones, but I downvoted your "piss off" replies too.

Here is my question: With regards to cell phones. How do you identify whether or not the number you were fed is a cell? how are the numbers harvested primarily before getting to you?