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I just found out about the origin/online bullshit today.

I've had the release date marked on my calendar for months now. I'm no longer buying it... :(

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his other account /u/NSA_whistleblower got suspended

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because a vanilla corporation is the fastest vehicle for driving collective action

ok zuck. but also, maybe this is just a way for the owners of the business to move fastest, break things, and apologize later.

snark aside, have you looked into new alternatives around corporate structure, like purpose ventures, public benefit corps, and steward ownership? will you be doing anything to spread ownership and management of your company with stakeholders beyond just employees who stick around long enough?

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Had no clue it was really that bad historically, wow.

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Ah yes, there's no corruption in the perfect democracy we have now

Not to mention Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, and NZ are dens of villainy and treachery.