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How did you feel being the last thing people saw before the credits roll in a Tarantino film?

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At the end of Speed starring Keanu Reeves and Dennis Hopper, Howard Payne shoots up the train control panel with his machine gun rendering the train an unstoppable killing machine. How fucked were Jack and Annie in that train? Is there anywhere else on the train they could have activated an emergency stop?

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Hi, Chris. My wife and I love you and your show and everyone you surrounded yourself with for TCGS. You seem like the greatest guy and there needs to be more folks like you on TV, especially these days. During the Adam Pally episode when you were dunked into the ice water, you told Shannon "I am so mad at you and we are going to talk after the show." Can you reveal at all how that talk went? We are so curious as to just how angry you actually were.

Also, I tweeted you this weekend from a Dead Milkmen show in Philly (which I have to imagine you're a fan being from Jersey) saying you should try to get the Dead Milkmen on your show. That tweet currently has only one Fav...from Rodney Anonymous, lead singer of the Dead Milkmen! Just saying, if you're cureently looking for a great band to book, I think the DM are on board! Here is the tweet for proof. I'd love to see them on TCGS. Keep up the amazing work!

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Jenny, when are you going back on Getting Doug With High? You were delightful.

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Thanks for the response! You really are a class act and your HBO special was excellent!