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  1. What are your plans for Mojang for the long term? I know you've started work on some new games, but I'm talking big here. Will you always maintain your "indie" status?

  2. Where did the idea of having "updates" come from? When I first bought Minecraft, I knew it was in Alpha and that there would be a full game someday, but I was really excited when I found out that the game was updated regularly and new content would be coming in constantly.

  3. Does the Xbox version of Minecraft mean that you will be developing more Xbox games?

  4. Speaking of Xbox, what's your relationship with Microsoft like as far as the Marketplace and selling the game?

  5. You've lived a lot of peoples' dreams as a developer. How does it feel to start out as an indie developer and move up to your current status, and especially so fast? How did it feel when Minecraft started going viral?

  6. I've seen lots of charitable acts on your part (Doctors Without Borders, Humble Indie Bundle, to name a few. *editing to add the EFF to the list. I didn't even notice!). Is that something that's important to you? Have you ever thought of helping others develop their games and getting them up to the same status as you (although I really don't think that's possible)?

  7. Sorry for so many questions. Last but not least, could you please say the words "tapplewhack is a pretty cool guy" so I can quote you in the future? I know it seems silly after so many "important" questions, but hey, who can resist?