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I can only hope that that commitment lasts beyond this administration where relevant and starts to encompass overall political corruption and the problems with particularly duopolies of a political nature (and all the other business ones).

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If you were a redditor before you went in, do you notice any interesting differences now days? How big do you really think the Russia story is in contrast to the larger corporate dominance over our media and political system?

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I feel like this sort of ban is reaching almost into the cruel and unusual territory with how important the internet is toward social networking and career building activities, not to mention the restriction against being able to read ebooks or other edicational materials bc you are banned from the net. We need to look at whether its really fair to ban everyone who might have touched a lectronic in connection with their alleged crimes. I mean people in this situation are already most likely broke AF and cant find work just by dint of being an ex con.