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  • 1) What do you think of net neutrality?
  • 2) Can I get you stance on Muslim ban from entering the United States?
  • 3) In which issue are you opposed to Donald Trump? What's Donald Trump's most ridiculous mistake?
  • 4) What do you think of guaranteed basic income to everyone?
  • 5) Do you support electoral reform such as having Runoff voting, proportional representation and overturn Citizen United? Why?

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So can I get your stance on mininum wage as well? What should be the minimum wage for your state and should it be different from the federal one? Higher or Lower?

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  • 1) What are your thought on the universal health care? Would you support it in your state?
  • 2) How would you, as a State senator, fight to stop gerrymandering?
  • 3) Would you support the universal basic income? What are your thoughts?

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How hard is it to become an ATC? I'd like to become an ATC too!

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That's - I think - part of the basic income campaign problem though. The whole idea is to guarantee income to everyone so that nobody has to live in poverty even without a job. Automation is coming guys, we need guaranteed income to survive. Negative income tax is one idea, but the other one is to give money to people monthly, with or without job, rich or poor, get the same exact amount.