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How are the supplies funded?

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Is there a possibility that these methodologies could go sideways? I'm asking because Hikikomori (recluse phenomena often found in Japan, and some asian countries), often engage in these games/etc. I think the question would be, what if this became an outlet of escape, and the therapy is a gateway to escapism?

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What do you think is the best case scenario out of these protests, and what do you think is the likelihood of that happening?

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I'm not a lawyer, and don't know laws. Shouldn't you have been deported? Or are you supposed to be found guilty first before you get deported? i.e. if your guilty then your visa will be revoked? or how does it work in terms of deportation?

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For people who want to get into porn (women). Do you think it's lucrative? how much were you making when you started and when you got popular? Any tips as to how to get popular and make more?