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Orthodox Jewish mom here too.

There is absolutely no religious exemption Jews can claim against vaccination.

Doesn't mean people don't try though. I'm sure /u/wellaways can confirm it too. The discussions get particularly heated very very quickly since most Orthodox women who knowingly expose themselves to science are pro-vax. (Anti-vax sentiment certainly rears its head online but those communities are particularly insular and science is as "authoritative" as these fear mongerers. And most choose fear.)

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Where's his biological mother (and father)?

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She's answering from a different handle. Hard to see without the microphone icon indicator but they're there.

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And kittens. https://blog.namecheap.com/pets-finalists/

And elephants: https://www.namecheap.com/campaigns/2014/save-the-elephants.aspx

Disclosure: I work for Namecheap. I may respond faster than our CEO. Sorry @NamecheapCEO.

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Nope, our pricing is transparent on our homepage. It's all by the TLD, not by "demand." Namecheap is an ethical registrar. :)

(Disclosure: Namecheap's community manager here)