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Holy shit! What is your favorite mix? Please say 5th Mix or Extreme.

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Hey thanks for making such amazing hot sauces. The blue agave sriracha is KILLER with Kewpie Mayo and making spicy tuna poke. I'll never go do a different sriracha. Also I'm on probably my 5th or 6th bottle of the Serrano AND the Habanero. Found out about you guys from a friend 2 years ago, then basically shilled the shit out of your products at the Portland Hot Sauce Expo for the past two events.

Anyway here's my question. Do you have any fun stories of someone who hated spicy until Yellowbird?

Thanks again, I hope your sales are going well!

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Yo, Safeway/Albertsons also carries Yellowbird, but only the Habanero and Serrano.

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Man I make sure to spread the word hardcore about your sauces. Pay me! :D