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I have hypermobility syndrome as well, just wanted to wish you luck with it all. Sounds like you've had some really nasty stuff happen because of it, my only tips are to maintain muscle tone and fitness, maybe ask for some physio when all your joints are 'ok', the stronger you are, the less dislocations will happen etc. Our tendons are really stretchy so if you have strong muscles it pulls them up (awful scientific explanation I know). Although you have been affected at a young age, it means your doctors and family will be better at monitoring and supporting you. The average diagnosis age for hypermobility is 20s-30s and I know a lot of people get told to stop being melodramatic by doctors until its diagnosed. Not saying you've had it easy, clearly its far from that, but if you're ever feeling down about it, you have a much more informed support network. My only question is, do you get chronic pain in your joints? I'm curious as i'm a 20 year old female and girls are more likely to get the chronic pain due to hormones and i've never really spoken to a guy who has hypermobility. Anyway i've been diagnosed for 5 years now, PM if you want to chat about it or have any questions about how it gets as you get older. I'd also recommend online support forums, there's some brilliant UK ones and i'm sure other countries have them too. Keep trucking :)

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McDonald's coffee is the shit, it's cheap and delicious.

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I know the skin down there replaces cells quite quickly so hopefully it will be feeling better soon! Thanks for telling your story aand raising awareness.

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Firstly, I was at your Paralympic long jump final and you were absolutely fantastic! Loved how you said the crowd cheering was like a big hug whenever you came out to jump. I know me and my family were cheering for you the whole way through. I was only 16 rows from the front and right by the long jump so managed to get some great photos of all of the athletes and this is my favorite one of you - however it was hard to get good ones of you because everyone was waving their GB flags like crazy for you. Don't really have any questions for you, just wanted to say you are amazing and still manage to look friggin' gorgeous after a paralympic final!