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Oh man, great question haha. One of my favorite is when Howard gets into a fight at a high school football game. Shirts are popped off, over the top insults are hurled, and it quickly gets wild. Which leads to the cops getting involved of course.

Someone also summons up a demon possessed hog to cook them for bbq, to save on the price of pork.

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I opted for a more "soft" magic approach. Much of the magic is based loosely on southern hoodoo, using spell jars and the like. Then I just mixed in some more traditional magical elements, such as being able to summon fire. But I've avoided spelling everything out, to give myself some flexibility if I need it, if that makes sense? Marsh (my protagonist) wasn't ever properly trained so as he learns, we learn.

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That's actually what I am working on currently! Talking to a voice actor next week hopefully. The goal is by Labor Day next year to have all six books in audiobook form.

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I hate editing with the power of a thousand burning suns. Here is my process:

Finish book -> Start writing next project -> Six months from finishing, do my first pass of edits -> Send to pro editor -> Do my last round of edits -> Publish.

What gets me through is that I have started the next work, so I feel more productive, and that I have let enough time go by that it feels a little more 'fresh' to me.

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So the short answer is...depends.

So KU is most beneficial to folks who either have longer books, or longer series. My books are on the shorter side so technically I make more per book if someone buys an ebook as opposed to reading in KU. BUT! I make a lot more of someone reads all the books on KU than of they bought book 1 or 2, but then stop because, hey, books aren't cheap.

For me, at this point in my career word of mouth and reviews are more important than money (thankful to have a day job that pays the bills). I'd rather someone read in KU and leave a review than someone buy all the books in print and not leave a review.

If I were in your shoes, I'd rest pretty easy. No one is in KU that doesn't want to be pretty much. Everyone makes the call that works best for them, so don't sweat it!