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If the family had to live a "middle class" lifestyle, as in managing their household without hired staff, how well do you think they would be able to function? Would they find it really stressful or take it in stride?

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What did you do in a typical day as a butler? Most people really have no idea except what we see on TV and movies (myself included)

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Here is the clip that has the quotation. The quality is absolutely horrible but it's the first clip I found that contains the entire joke.


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Just finished episode 6 of "American Vandal" and am enjoying it so far. What were auditions like for the primary cast of the show?

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What do you think of the top rated comment here--the use of inpatient rather than outpatient data as well?


It seems reasonable to me that for procedures that are commonly done outpatient, the data could be skewed because more complicated patients would be sent to tertiary care centers. THoughts?