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On the reverse end of this, you should be cognizant of your phrasing if you are working with people that are not native English speakers. The jargon can always be replaced with clear simple alternatives that are much easier for them to understand. This approach also makes you much more approachable to native English speakers in my experience.

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This is both a good thing and a bad thing for frequent fliers like myself. I very rarely check a bag and try to keep my time spend at airports to as short as possible (often times arriving at the airport with only 20-30 minutes until boarding because I have Clear and Pre-Check). There will have to be carry-on restrictions placed on more ticket levels to ensure that those with status and premium ticket levels can still bring carry-ons.Until that is ironed out, I wouldn't be surprised if I have to gate check my bags more frequently.

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Oh that would make a lot of sense. Fortunately, for now I'm being told it will be a while until my company starts putting us on flights. My specific functional area is likely to continue telecommuting for at least the remainder of the year.

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Do you analyze impact to points redemption? If so have you seen any reduction in the redemption required for trips? I am a frequent business traveller so the majority of my personal travel is done with points.

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Last year was mostly NYC, Austin, San Jose, and Phoenix with a little bit of Tokyo, Chicago, and San Francisco thrown in as well.