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The mall near where I used to live, honest to god, had a midget security guard. A little person in a little drill instructor type hat and mall cop uniform. It was adorable. Movie opportunity missed. Galleria mall near Buffalo, NY.

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Nor can the Forest Service afford to buy basic office supplies, or hire essential employees. Source: I'm a Forest Service Employee

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Holy shit, Dennis fucking Miller! You were the best anchor on SNL, Dennis. The best. I don't have cable, so I have no clue what you've been doing lately, so uh, what are you doing lately? Also, I need a book to read. Can you recommend me a book to read? I want to be reading a book, and have someone ask me why I'm reading it, and be able able to say "because Dennis Miller personally recommended I read this."

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God dammit I knew that was DHP, I was so confused when I found the character was played by "Doug Jones".

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Direct him where exactly?