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tabbydeal1 karma

i dont have health insurance...but supplements? and smell training? sounds interesting

tabbydeal-1 karma

i downloaded your app. its almost been two weeks now since i started to show symptoms. i dont have many symptoms now besides headaches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and complete loss of smell. when i first started having symptoms it felt just like really bad allergies. i really want my smell to return as soon as possible because it is really taking a toll on me mentally. every day i go around my house trying to smell different things. sometimes i think i can smell something for a split second then when i go to sniff it again nothing. so i guess my question is how long do you think this will last?

tabbydeal-1 karma

oh my god that is terrible news! how am i going to live life not being able to smell? i am a chef and i wont be able to properly do my job if that happens...i am worried even more now that the extra unemployment benefits are supposedly cutting off at the end of the month and now i literally cant go to work because i have covid....i was reading an article yesterday about what they are calling the "long haulers" experiencing symptoms for months...even more scary is the neurological problems people are experiencing that not many people are talking about