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There are lots of new accounts / no activity accounts popping up in this thread asking vanilla softballs 🤔🤔

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They're actively purging their Blog of political posts as I type this, so go ahead and take a look at the title of this recently deleted post:


Needless to say, they don't shy away from backing right wing politics with their business.

Editing: shout out to /u/waitbutwhy for his Archive work:


As protests, temper tantrums and ill-informed jackassery continue to sweep the nation there has to be an equal balance of patriots who are informed, who are about our constitution and more importantly PROUD to be an American. Let the country of immigrants catch phrase go. Take some pride in being from a country that was founded on OUR ideals, free from oppression and beat the breaks off of a tyrannical empire in the 1700s. Up to this point we have been staring down the barrel of a (California legal) tirade of politically correct and bullshit; touchy feely “how you should act and think” way of life. You may not agree with everything that is being proposed, but before you start breaking shit and giving your money to chicken shit businesses do your homework and STAND FOR SOMETHING!

Anyone with a brain knows that a President cannot do everything on his own. Donald Trump knows this which is precisely why he has surrounded himself with smart and competent patriots.

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Oh yeah. I'm a UPS driver in Amishlandia in PA. Kennels everywhere. Huge business for them.

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Since you seem to have a vested interest in both your home state and former governor, and have met him and expressed general elation about him, I'd like to ask you a few followups.

What are your thoughts on Pence cutting access to HIV treatment and testing funding and causing a massive HIV outbreak in the state of Indiana during his tenure as Governor?


What are your thoughts on him slashing public health funding to under $13/person/year, bringing Indiana to the bottom 5 on both overall State and Federal public health funding, CDC per capita, and HRSA per capita, despite the state being a leader in Infant Mortality, smoking, obesity, and heart disease?


What are your thoughts on him signing some of the most restrictive abortion legislation in existence into law?


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Sack hanging to the side? Can you elaborate?