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Have you seen the HBO documentary Going Clear? If so, would you say it's an accurate representation the church and worth showing to people?

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"As fast as we can"

"For maximum impact"

So which one of you is lying?

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Thanks so much for the response! I definitely didn't want to take away from you, your experience, or your show. I just always wonder how those expose type documentaries hold up to people's own experiences within the organizations themselves.

HBO was very brave in taking it on. As is A&E, as it will be the first network is do a full series about it.

Which I'm really interested in. Thank you for taking the time and the risk to take on something like this. I wish all the best for you and your family.

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full force fuck it mode.

Exactly this, dude. Every single person needs that attitude, whether or not they have some outward condition. Life's too short to be ashamed of your body, interests, or personality. 22 here, and you can see the people who are finally starting to figure that out.

I honestly believe that the sooner you learn to just say "fuck it, this is me," the happier you will be. I hate that you had to go through so much extra bullshit on top of general life crap to get there so early in life. But there's always a silver-lining or something, right?

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They are simultaneously the most paranoid yet idealistic policies. You can't trust the government to do something well, but all of their policies rely on some pretty damn perfect circumstances, and don't account what human nature actually looks like.