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It's just Dana being mad that he couldn't come to terms with signing Fedor.

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Maybe he just wanted to lay around and relax.

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This might be a stupid question but anyways;

I know that MMA not only helps you physically but also psychologically. What I want to know is did you implant any knowledge from your MMA training to prepare yourself mentally for your kind of dedication by helping others?

There are two white guys training at my gym who seem to be racist at first. They signed up 2 months ago and only trained together. Whenever we would offer to help them, they would politely reject our offer and continue training.

I made it a mission to understand why they were like that. As it turns out, they come from a small town where they never interacted with other races. They never saw a black person, neither did they interact with any. Every time I'd see them at the gym, I'd do my best to make them comfortable around us, wanting to show them that we are all human.

They ended up becoming more open towards us and explained what was wrong. They told us that they were intimidated by the fact that we all hung around (all immigrants together) and didn't want to talk to us since they believed we were going to push them away. After a few discussions they actually started really liking us, learning a few words in different languages and learning a lot from different cultures.

This one guy contacted me on facebook and told me that he wants to go do a humanitarian project in Africa thanks to us opening up his eyes. This AMA actually made me remember that and that's what made me wonder if you used any MMA training experience you've learned before heading out there?

Thank you for your hard work. The media might not show the world what you're doing, but from one stranger to another, I want you to know that your work is recognized among us and we appreciate what you do.

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This isn't really a question concerning you, but I'd like your answer on this;

Where do you see games going, graphically wise, in the future? Do you believe that we reached already our limits of good graphics? I'm looking at some promotional pictures for the next-gen consoles and was wondering when enough is enough?

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Exactly. Like when your stomach REALLY hurts and you bend down as much as possible to ease the pain off.