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I'm not. Let's gild this bitch.

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Whoa whoa whoa, let's keep this about Rampart!

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natural disdain amongst the enlisted ranks for a rat/snitch

Never, ever, ever, become the snitch. Learned that lesson the hard way. Thought I was helping the Army out. Never again. Thankfully that was in training, so I outran it.

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See, if you had that as a perk for the Kickstarter, you would have hit the goal on minute 1.

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In the end I think we're rushing headlong into a world where many things will be appreciated in "niches" but those niches will be very large and self-sustaining.

So is that what RocketJump is looking to fulfill? The "larger-but-still-niche" niches? Or will there be some projects where you try to do the generic broad audience deal?