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Will you eventually go double eye-patch?

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What steps do you take to maintain colony health and prevent collapses? Is it activities you do or do you try to keep your neighbors from using harmful pesticides like neonicotinoids?

Or are you just lucky enough to live in an area with lots of organic farms?

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Can I suggest that under your skills on your CVs you include "Xeno-horticulture?"

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Pretty sure this is actually a polar bear that has gotten access to reddit. Don't be fooled into going on any 'arctic expeditions' over PMs.

Are you, Mr. Larsen, in fact a polar bear? Clearly you were simply avoiding your fans in your story. :D

(In seriousness, this is certainly amazing. Good job.)

Also, did you find any cheezy doodles?

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It's Robert Siegel all over the place.