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Any idea how many units of platelets you used? I donate every month and I'm trying to get more of a sense for how many leukemia patients might have had bits of me floating around inside them.

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Hadn't realized that a donation could be split up like that. Also, thanks a lot for sharing all this about yourself. It makes me feel good about myself despite the fact that I'm mostly laying back and watching movies then being fed snacks. A remarkably good deal which I encourage others to take up if they're ok with needles.

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I've got a copy of the Opportunity obituary pinned to the side of my office cube here (I'm a robotics engineer, ok? It was moving) and it did a great job of portraying the rover in a romantic light while being strictly factual in a way I appreciated. The obituary didn't even mention the last message bit, probably for the reasons you gave. It also did a great job of explaining why the "90 sols" thing wasn't a good benchmark but Opportunity nonetheless managed to exceed its designers expectations.

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I remember that the way I first got interested in your books was seeing a quote from The Bohr Maker either in the Alpha Centauri video game or the strategy guide. Was that authorized and if so is there any sort of story behind it? Love your books.