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sylanbob8526 karma

You guys said police and security were there to help us out. Well at the bus line it was pure chaos, people were cutting, shoving into one another, throwing barricades over, and the cops and security stood back and just watched. It was genuinely scary and unsafe for me and my friends out there because of your piss poor evacuation planning.

How is this a part of the safety plan just to let people fight for the bus and have no security or cop presence to ensure it all happens in a safe orderly fashion and to police it for us?

sylanbob8525 karma

I've been coming to the festival every year and the identity has changed to basically a shitshow hangout for young kids. Do you have plans to make the festival 18+ or do you just want to push out all older fans? You do realize eventually these young kids will outgrow the festival eventually too.

Go back to your identity before you have none left.