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Seems to be working great.

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Thank you for doing this Richard. I rewatched Waking Life a couple days ago and remembered how pivotal that movie was for me as a curious (and stoned) college student in 2001. Overall, your movies are a huge influence on my own storytelling and I can't thank you enough.

1) Alex Jones has a great segment in Waking Life. What do you think of him now?

2) I'd love to hear your thoughts about consciousness and political action, and how self awareness and liberation ideology has been a part of your life after making that movie. Do you spend much time on those concepts any more? Were you trying to make an arching statement on how self awareness might affect political behavior, or were you just setting up that question for us to decide?

Wish I could ask way more questions but these have been on my mind this week. Thanks dude!

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What a bullshit answer.