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so what you are saying is I am safe to search for BIG COCK TRANSVESTITE FUCK UNKNOWING POMELO and LEMON TEA BISCUIT SHORT BREAD RECIPE?!?!?!? So tired of seeing strange ads from google because of my searches.

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I can tell you that when I accidentally lucid dream I don't feel rested at all. When I lucid dream when my intent was lucid dreaming I feel much more rested. Not sure why. There are times when I am exhausted and start lucid dreaming and wake myself up and I am always incredibly angry that I can't turn it off.

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I hope if it goes to the next stage that you are in the trial AND not given the placebo. I have read about this disease a few times and it is really horrible. I am glad you are bringing awareness and I hope you can maintain some level of sanity/happiness.

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Woah hey there. Huge fan. My wife and I just watched laserblast last night.

What is the selection process for films? How do you know when a film is bad but good enough to be entertaining? Laserblast is a perfect example. The film is terrible but the riffing makes it awesome. Then there are other films are so bad and the riffing does not even really help.

Also what were all the things you threw in your purse to chase Mike and bots?

Anyway thanks for doing what you do!

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Sometimes my bes my best ideas come to me walking my kids to the park.

Happens to me too. Saw an article on the front page the other day saying that when you step back you allow your subconscious mind to bring ideas/solutions (that is has been working on) forth.