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It was more of a progression thing. They told me to go home and prepare for the second album. As soon as I got home... I kind of became a wild animal... WITH FOOOOOOOOOD. haha. I gained weight. A LOT OF WEIGHT. And it kind of became a grueling cycle of binging on food to restraining food. I later sought out a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with an eating disorder. Both my parents and I came to the conclusion that taking part of the Kpop industry was ruining my body and mind - so they opted to help me get out.

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I don't have a picture of it, but it was for a magazine. We wore a tube top and pants... then wrapped our selves in satin to appear naked. It was for a magazine.

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HAHAHA. One smelt like poo. That is all I will say.

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I hate it. No one is an actual artist.. they are all mere performers.. except maybe YG

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Korea in general... revolves around the idea of beauty. It's sickening really. The pressure doesn't derive from being in the industry as much as it does from just being in Korea.